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Online learning is the modern alternative to traditional education which offers you the chance to study from home in your own time – or from work or wherever you choose. It’s your opportunity to learn new skills and achieve your goals, we provide you with the means and the flexibility to enhance your career.

We are one of the most experienced online learning providers in the industry. We offer qualifications approved by leading professional and academic bodies so you get the assurance of a recognised qualification. By choosing iQualify UK, you choose a flexible and affordable way to learn new or develop your existing skills and or gain additional qualifications.

Once you’ve enrolled, you will receive your log in and password for the Teaching Zone, which is where you will find all your course materials and support information. We also send you the contact details for your online tutor.

All our courses are divided into bite-sized modules made up of clearly identified study units. These are a mixture of recorded lectures, video clips, articles, links and texts depending on the subject. You work through each unit at your own pace and with the support and guidance of your tutor. As everything is online you can repeat anything until you fully understand it – unlike something you might miss in a classroom!

At the end of each unit you complete a test paper, the format of which can vary according to the course you are studying, and send it to your tutor for marking. Your tutor then returns this to you with your mark and constructive comments. When you successfully complete a module and feel ready, you move onto the next one. You are in control of your online learning.

Remember that you’re not alone, our professional tutors are here to help you when you need it. You can direct queries to your tutors, chat with fellow students and access our support. We know that learning from home needs real willpower at times, which is why we ensure you’re not alone, but as a result it can equally be tremendously satisfying.

Try a free trial if you would like to see for yourself what online learning is like.