Publication guidelines - iQualify UK

Publication guidelines

If you would like to write an article for the iQualify UK online library please do so in accordance with the following publication guidelines:

  • Articles should normally be 500 to 750 words, although shorter or longer articles will be considered if that is necessary to adequately cover the subject
  • There are no restrictions on what subject an article covers, although they should be on a topic related to a course or qualification offered by iQualify UK, as the readers will most likely be students or potential students on those courses or qualifications
  • Articles must be provided as Word documents
  • Please use ‘British’ English (as opposed to ‘American’ English)!
  • The author’s name and suggested key words must be included
  • If references are provided then they should be included at the end and must follow the Harvard Reference System format
  • A short summary of the author’s background and relevance to write on the subject is to be included at the end of the article (which does not count towards the word count) although this must not be overtly sales orientated
  • Links to the author and or the organisation they are writing on behalf of can be included at the end within the summary
  • Articles which are published in the library cannot subsequently be published elsewhere and similarly iQualify UK will not accept articles which have previously been published elsewhere
  • iQualify UK will not accept articles written by businesses offering essay or assignment writing services or other services iQualify UK considers unsuitable
  • All opinions expressed will be those of the author and their employer (if writing on their behalf)
  • Authors must not write anything which could be considered offensive or libellous
  • iQualify UK reserves the right to reject and or edit all articles for any reason they see fit, although the author can withdraw an article if they are not happy with iQualify UK’s edits


Articles are to be sent to