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  • IQUK graduation ceremony 2019

    Graduation Ceremony May 2019 – Houses of Parliament

    iQualify UK organised a Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the academic success of its students. The Ceremony was held in the Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday, 2 May 2019. The Ceremony was attended exclusively by the students along with their accompanying guest and iQualify UK management. ..Read more

  • iQualify UK Graduation ceremony

    iQualify UK Graduation ceremony in the Houses of Parliament, London

    iQualify UK is organising a Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the academic success of its students. The Ceremony will be held at 1pm in the Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday, 25 April 2019. The ceremony will be attended exclusively by the students along with their accompanying guest and the iQualify UK management. The Ceremony will include the presentation of a special commemorative certificate and/or students’ actual certificate. The event will also have canapes (halal) and drinks..Read more

  • Influencer Marketing Plan Business Network Social Media Strategy Concept.

    The Renaissance of Influencer Marketing

    Imagine walking through an aisle at a superstore looking for your favourite brand of coffee. You might come across a variety of coffee brands with attractive packaging. You raise your hand towards the jar of your usual brand, but then suddenly you see the jar of a new brand of coffee. You wonder why the name of this brand seems so familiar only to realize that you saw an Instagram post earlier in the day by a physical fitness instructor you follow drinking the same brand of coffee. Would you buy..Read more

  • world map using business words with business people

    The ways if any the business environment will be diffrent

    Changes in the business environment in the 21st century occur frequently. The changes that have been witnessed over the past decades include globalisation, privatisation of public companies and the increase of liberal policies. In many instances, these factors led to the death of profitable companies. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to adapt to the transforming business environment. Predicting future alterations in the business environment in the coming ten years can be a great way to ..Read more

  • MBA Advanced Entry Route

    Cardiff Metropolitan University MBA Advanced Entry Route

    iQualify UK has signed an academic progression agreement to give our LRN Level 7 Diploma in Business Management students entry on to the Cardiff Metropolitan University MBA Advanced Entry Route. This means that Level 7 Diploma holders simply need to complete two units (Research Methods and a Dissertation) from the University in order to obtain the MBA. The Research Methods module is taught through blended learning with face-to-face contact on campus in Cardiff and live online interaction. The..Read more

  • effects of globalisation on business

    Some effects of globalisation on business

    The global economy is steadily integrating. This is leading to globalisation of various national economies. Some of the effects of globalisation on business can be seen in for example the automobile industry. There was a time when importing foreign-made cars were rare in the US, and such imports were either exotic or exorbitant. The 21st century, however, is witness to globalisation in this industry. Fiat-Chrysler, for example, has its manufacturing units, management, sales divisions, etc., in m..Read more

  • ABE logo black no slogan

    Complete your ABE qualification

    ABE has changed its qualifications from the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) to the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). The structure of a Diploma in Business Management at levels 4, 5 and 6 remains the same, but there are now a new set of units with new titles and syllabuses. So for students who are part way through a diploma based on the QCF how do you complete your ABE qualification? Fortunately ABE has transition arrangements to enable you to work out what units you need to..Read more

  • hand pointing to word business on blackboard to illustrate different types of organisations

    explain the different types, size and scope of organisations

    Different types, size and scope of organisations: Differences between for profit and not for profit and non-government organisations (NGOs) Micro, small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Different business purposes, objectives and supply of goods and services The range of legal structures associated with different forms of business: sole traders, partnerships and private limited companies..Read more

  • Hands holding business plan

    Business plan – an entrepreneurial perspective

    Every new business venture begins with a lot of passion, hard work and most importantly, a plan. Whether it is a start-up or an established business, a business plan ensures that a roadmap is ready to analyse and understand the various nuances related to the business. In fact, when an entrepreneur begins their adventurous journey in the dynamic world of business, they have many questions to consider. All these questions have a direct relation with the way they will handle their business. The bus..Read more

  • globe in a brief case to illustrate SMEs in the global economy

    The impact of SMEs in the global economy

    Small and medium enterprises, or what in the popular parlance are called SMEs, has long been accepted as the engines of economic growth and development. The impact of SMEs in the global economy is a very crucial role in the construction of a society which is free of poverty. The reason is that they not only provide ample job opportunities to the different strata of the society but also ensure the flow of money across the various levels of society...Read more

  • Start-up image of small green shoot growing

    The start-up culture

    The world of business is full of uncertainty and chaos, and the only way a start-up can change that is by innovating. Continuous innovation, challenging set norms and optimisation of available resources are what the world of start-ups is made up of. This community is always confident and optimistic about the future. In a start-up culture, the most important word is ‘Team’. Although it may begin by one person’s dream it eventually boils down to team effort as the start-up takes shape. Th..Read more

  • Companies Act 2006 cover page

    What are the possible legal structures for your business in the UK

    As soon as you are set to begin a new venture, you must consider how each decision will affect the growth of your business. The first decision that you must consider is the structures for your business. This structure must also align with the legal structure for your business. Focus on the pros and cons of each to decide what legal structure best suits your business. It is only appropriate to start as a public limited company (PLC) if you plan to raise substantial funds on the country stock e..Read more

  • Corporate Governance words

    Corporate governance in business

    ‘Good corporate governance is about maximizing shareholders value on a sustainable basis while ensuring fairness to all the stakeholders: customers, vendors-partners, investors, employees, government and society’ – Narayana Moorthy...Read more

  • skills with hands holding letters to illustrate skillset concept

    How to identify your own skillset

    Skills are indispensable. In order to secure employment, skills are as important as your degrees. They are the distinguishing factors that make you employable. There is intense competition in the employment market for both graduates and post-graduates. Thus, it becomes imperative for each student and job seeker to identify their core skillset. Skills that can help them stand out in the crowd. Although employers screen applications on the basis of degree and experience, they short-list on the bas..Read more

  • boss and employee shaking hands to illustrate employability skills

    What are the skills that an employer seeks?

    Considering the extremely competitive job market, and lack of skilled resources, it is imperative to display the right skills that an employer seeks. Skills do not refer to your academic/technical qualifications or the degrees that you possess. Of course, these degrees define your capability, but skills are finer details that make you employable. Being employable can be defined as “the capability of getting and keeping satisfactory work”. Your employability skills are those transferable skil..Read more

  • image businessman on beach to show why you should be self-employed

    Why should you choose to be self-employed

    “If you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build theirs”- Tony Allen Gaskins, Jr. Self-employment is attractive as it empowers you and helps you build on your ideas. However, whether self-employment is right for you or not is another question. To take an informed decision, it is imperative to consider certain factors. Branch out on your own once you are confident that self-employment is for you. Here is what you must know before you decide to quit your job..Read more

  • Learning organisation

    Learning organisation

    To understand learning organisation and to be able to define it is by any measure, a challenging pursuit. First, there are no agreed upon definition of this concept, the term is mostly contested at different levels of an organisation. The publication of Peter Senge’s book ‘The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation (Senge 1990)’ created a burgeoning display of analysis and interpretation of the concept of learning organisation. However, there was no particular ..Read more

  • business structures and success factors

    Business structures and success factors

    When an individual or a group of individuals team up to achieve certain goals which are commercial in nature we consider them to be a business organisation. The business organisation may or may not be created for profit, and a non-profit organisation, solely created for the purpose of raising money and resources, to help in the running of various public programs, also falls under the aegis of business organisation. Organisation as such is quite a broad term and it may also include sports teams a..Read more

  • areas a global business must manage

    The areas a global business must manage to survive

    We live in a dynamic world where information and knowledge rule. Every move of a business should be a combination accurate decision making based on intensive research. This is especially true for those businesses who have a global presence and who have not only survived but also created an international brand name. The world of business has always been very challenging and demanding. To add to that, there are a lot of issues which a business faces, and all of them have to be dealt with very care..Read more

  • supply chain management image

    The Eight Components of Supply Chain Management

    Simple bread and butter with which we eat each day, actually gets to us through several processes. In this instance, bread begins its journey with the farmer who sows the seeds and sells the wheat to the businessman, who in turn sells it to the baker who bakes the bread. This is a description of supply chain management in a nutshell. In other words, supply chain management is a network of those businesses that are interconnected with each other in either the manufacturing of products, or deliver..Read more

  • The word right standing out from the words wrong to illustrate business ethics

    Business ethics from a UK cultural perspective

    Along with the areas of progress in the global business environment, there has also been a rise in a multitude of ethical issues. Today, with growing awareness and complex business relationships, it is vital for each business to create codes of conduct and ethics that must be followed by each member of the organisation to reach its desired goals. The fundamental and basic ethical issues are about trust and integrity. However, for a business, there are also complex issues such as decision-making,..Read more

  • International business text on world map to illustrate globalisation

    The impact of globalisation on international business

    The world is evolving, and with it trade and businesses are undergoing a huge changes. Goods and services from any country are easily available all over the world, and while the roots of globalisation are pretty old, this facet is quite new. Globalisation can be defined as the easy availability of goods, connectivity amongst nations, and also access to trade rights in any country. But as we mentioned before, globalisation has old roots...Read more

  • Corporate Governance Manual text

    Some important characteristics of good corporate governance

    “Corporate governance” defines the practices, processes, and structures through which an organisation manages its business. An organisation, through corporate governance, works to accomplish its operational, fiscal and strategic objectives while attaining longstanding sustainability. However, there are no set practices, as there are several factors that drive an organisation towards its objectives. The practices vary depending on these factors...Read more

  • Winston-Churchil-statue-to-show-leadership-200x300

    Encouraging leadership over management

    ..Read more

  • Hand gestures image for non-verbal communication

    Non-verbal communication

    ..Read more

  • House of Habib logo

    Case study – House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy

    The House of Habib is a long established and very reputable business group in Pakistan. It has a strong presence in various vertical markets such as automobile, building materials, packaging, plastic, wholesale, tractors and financial services. The House of Habib believes in developing its 14,000 employees and so it is logical that it would choose to provide them with a Corporate Learning Academy. ..Read more

  • stressed woman being shouted at by small figures as illustration of barriers to business communication

    What are the barriers to business communication

    Any organisation can have serious problems due to a communication gap. These gaps are formed by specific barriers which are thus the major causes of unsuccessful business communication. Exchange of information over a long distance faces various challenges. In the case of complex information, the potential barriers to business communication must be overcome in order to achieve successful communication between two parties. Both the sender and the receiver of communications must understand and gaug..Read more

  • Business Process Engineering BPR text on jigsaw image

    A Quick Look at Business Process Reengineering

    Once dismissed as an “old economy” thought process, Business Process Reengineering (BPR) today, can transform business operations. It is definitely a significant development in the history of business. Proponent Michael Hammer defines this form or technique as: “The fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the business process to achieve dramatic improvements in critical, contemporary measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed.”..Read more

  • Gold key with word motivation

    Motivating Employees – Going Beyond the Pay Cheque

    Each employee is different from the other, by virtue of their qualifications, experience, knowledge, professional expertise, expectations, and last but not the least, their motivation. It is true that a happy employee can help a company to prosper. However, that happiness or satisfaction may not be derived from one common factor, a salary. Most employers make the mistake of thinking that only a fat pay cheque can motivate their employees. Certainly, a pay cheque can be a high motivating factor, ..Read more

  • SWOT analysis diagram

    SWOT analysis – a basic understanding

    ..Read more

  • Pakistan flag for article on small businesses

    Why businesses succeed or fail: a study on small businesses in Pakistan

    ..Read more

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on post it notes image

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): In Response to Social Concerns

    Let’s begin with the basics. Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is the deliberation of social concerns and public interests in vital business decision-making. Each corporate is responsible for the impact of their actions and activities, on the environment, on their consumers, communities, employees, stakeholders, and all others, who are directly or indirectly under the impact. CSR, for all intents and purposes, endorses public interest, by eliminating harmful practices and implementing deve..Read more

  • Risk management shown by Chairman on a tightrope

    Role of the Chairman in risk management

    ‘Kodak’ was a leading brand for over a hundred years. Its descent into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2012 represented a strategic failure to reinvent itself and a missed opportunity to adopt the very digital technology that it had itself invented in 1975. Kodak was ultimately unable to take strategic risk. Internally, Kodak saw itself as a chemical film business – it saw its own invention of digital imaging technology as a threat to its very existence, rather than as the ‘disruptive technolog..Read more

  • Depositphotos_66860545_s-2015-300x169

    Marketing myopia

    If there is one article which every aspiring professional marketer should read it is ‘Marketing myopia’ by Theodore Levitt. It was written in 1960, but the fundamental point has withstood time and it can correctly be called a classic. Indeed for a long time it was given to most new MBA students on their first day. I think it is still relevant today. In ‘Marketing myopia’ Levitt criticises the management in businesses for failing to recognise the business they are in. They then fail be..Read more

  • Depositphotos_38609525_s-2015-300x205

    Scenario planning

    By basing their judgment on objective techniques and adding a little imagination by means of their own intuition, researchers are often able to create a series of alternative future scenarios. Each of these alternatives needs to be consistent and to have some probability of occurring. The purpose of such forecasting is to stimulate creative thinking and opportunities for managers to look ahead...Read more

  • Depositphotos_6195995_s-2015-300x202

    The development of strategy

    An organisation’s strategy is based on what its managers intend to be the direction in which the organisation should proceed, although subsequent actions at the operational level can cause the overall strategy to be changed. Other factors which can have an effect on the way in which the strategy develops may come from either within or outside the organisation. (a) External influences may include: political pressures, such as monopoly restrictions,..Read more

  • accoutning04-300x200

    Guide to careers in the accountancy and bookkeeping professions

    There has never been a better time to join the finance profession: demand is growing, salaries are increasing and career opportunities are many and varied. Financial expertise is vital to the success of each and every business, big or small, so skills in accounting and bookkeeping can open the door on a world of possibilities. If you are considering a career in finance you have numerous options to choose from so this guide provides:..Read more