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female student studying online courses

Online courses are the modern way to study as they take advantage of the latest communications technology. You can therefore use your phone, PC, laptop or tablet to study any time, any where or any place (provided you have Internet access).

It also means that when studying you can easily communicate with your tutors and fellow students through email, phone, text or Skype.

Everything you need to successfully complete your course is provided online.

You access your course through our Teaching Zone.

Online courses are generally cheaper than the cost of equivalent classroom based tuition and arguably are higher quality. You are not dependent on the lecturer or teacher having a good day. You are not committed to study at a set time and day (with the associated hassle, cost and time to get to a class) although it is good practice, but not crucial, when studying online to set aside a regular time slot to undertake your studies. You can’t miss an online lesson as you take it at the time that suits you! Finally if you don’t hear clearly or understand something you can easily repeat the section until you do or contact your tutor to get a personal response.