Business skills CPD courses - iQualify UK

If you work in business then you need to have the relevant skills. However, skills can go out of date, or indeed you simply need to learn new skills for a new role. The solution is to undertake a programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to fill in the gaps in your knowledge or just for your personal satisfaction if you enjoy learning. Many professional bodies require their members to undertake CPD activities to maintain their membership. Our Business skills CPD courses enable you to keep your knowledge current and comply with any CPD requirements from your employer or professional body.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) consists of any educational activity which helps to maintain, develop or increase knowledge, problem-solving, technical skills or professional performance standards all with the goal of improving a product or service for end users. CPD includes ‘formal’ activities, e.g. courses, conferences and workshops, as well as self-directed activities such as period of practical experience and directed reading.

We provide a wide range of short courses, all of which can be listed as CPD activity, that teach you the relevant business skills as follows:

Accounting for non-accountants

Information Systems

International sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Introduction to Strategic HR Management

Managing international business through co-operative strategies

Research methods for managers

Several more courses are under development and will be launched shortly.