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Becoming a Chartered Manager is a prestigious accolade as well as an independent endorsement of a manager’s ability to manage and lead, and to make a positive impact upon organisational performance. iQualify UK, an approved centre of Chartered Management Institute (CMI), can help you get accredited globally for your management and leadership skills. Recognised by the Royal Charter, Chartered Manager is the highest status that can be achieved in the management profession. Awarded only by CMI, it’s recognised and valued across all sectors.

How can you benefit by becoming a Chartered Manager?

CMI surveyed 550 Chartered Managers in September 2019, to explore the outcomes of becoming Chartered. Here are few of the benefits and impacts that the Chartered Managers and their organisations shared:

Impact of becoming a Chartered Manager on individuals



91% say their selfawareness has increased



88% say their self confidence has increased



81% say their management skills have improved



76% say that Chartered Manager provides the “ultimate competitive advantage”

Impact of becoming a Chartered Manager on Organisations



95% say that Chartered Manager demonstrates their use of managerial skills to achieve organisational results



81% say that since becoming Chartered, they have used their managerial skills to lead people and manage change



78% say that since becoming Chartered, they have had a positive impact on the wider team in their organisation (such as increased employee engagement)

How can you become a Chartered Manager?

You can be awarded the revered Chartered Manager status by CMI through iQualify UK by the following routes:

Qualified route

The qualified route is for experienced managers who already hold a recognised Level 5 or above Diploma in Business, Management and Leadership.

Eligibility Criteria

You will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum of 3 years management experience
  • Level 5 Diploma in Business Management and Leadership or above


Chartered Manager Status with Level 7 Diploma
in Business Management

You can get the prestigious Chartered Manager status awarded by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) upon completion of Level 7 Diploma in Business Management by Learning Resource Network (LRN). In this way, you can get two UK recognised qualifications in one programme.

iQualify UK provides professionals with the opportunity to enhance their career prospects along with increased opportunities that come along with a prestigious status of a Chartered Manager.

While the Postgraduate Level 7 Diploma in Business Management can help you get an advanced entry on to advanced stage of an MBA programme, the Chartered Manager status can also help you exceed further in your career.

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About the
Chartered Management Institute

Chartered Manager Status sets you apart from other professionals with a status that is reputable and respected. It is the most influential status for any professional manager.

The Institute has played a prominent role as the professional body for management for over 65 years, firstly as the British Institute of Management and then as the Institute of Management. The Royal Charter was granted by the Privy Council on 12 February 2002.

CMI mandate is to create better led and managed organisations – that’s why over 100,000 managers and 450 employers use CMI services and Awards to improve their performance.