Corporate Learning Academy (in partnership with ABE)

Corporate Learning Academy (in partnership with ABE)

Organisations need to train their employees and also want to offer them opportunities to develop their business skills in order to ensure the success of the business. They also need to be able to manage the training to ensure that it is appropriate and by tracking the activities.

The Corporate Learning Academy from iQualify UK enables an organisation to do so. It is a customisable, cost-effective and powerful management tool. iQualify UK provides a bespoke online learning platform, based on the iQualify UK platform, which an organisation can then use to manage the education and training of its employees. The Academy is provided in conjunction with the UK’s Association of Business Executives (ABE), a leading provider of business and related management qualifications worldwide, whose qualifications form the core of the Academy.

Why should your organisation opt for Corporate Learning Academy

The benefits of the Corporate Learning Academy to organisations:

  • a bespoke customised online platform for all their employees
  • the ability to easily add their own staff induction, compliance, health and safety or other in-house training programmes plus bespoke qualifications can be added in conjunction with ABE
  • identification and recording employees’ training and development needs
  • tracking of units or courses underway and completed along with their marks and the associated management information
  • a wide portfolio of units from ABE and iQualify UK which employees can select from to learn about a single subject, if they are new in a role or looking for a promotion, or combine to study for a UK accredited qualification which in turn can lead to a Bachelor or Master’s degree
  • employees can study at their own pace and at appropriate times (when their workload is lower) along with their colleagues
  • the organisation is seen to support employee development (which will thereby improve their morale and loyalty)