We are a team of London based educational professionals who share a passion for providing affordable high quality modern British education to students worldwide. We therefore guarantee that we will give you genuine value for money when you study with iQualify UK.

Our mission is to help people everywhere to learn and thereby improve their lives. Whether you want to find your first job, obtain a promotion or progress to university, we can help you.

Relevant internationally recognised qualifications

We offer a range of courses and qualifications from UK government recognised Awarding Organisations, which are on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications and so are accepted worldwide. Depending on your course of study, these qualifications can lead directly to university degree courses or specific jobs which require a relevant qualification.
We have developed courses for managers to support their continuing professional development (CPD). These cover the main areas that new and established managers need to know to do their job professionally and to develop their careers.
In addition, we offer a range of educational resources to assist you in broadening your knowledge of business and to assist you if you want to go on to further academic studies.

Studying online

Online study has many advantages. You can study at your own pace, whenever you have a quiet moment or at a set time. This could be during a break at work, travelling to or from work, in the evening or weekend. All you need is an internet connection.
We ensure that everything you need is provided online in the iQualify UK Teaching Zone. As soon as you are registered as a student we give you a login and a password, and instructions on how to use the system. The Teaching Zone contains live and recorded lectures, essential reading material and exercises as well as supporting documentation and entry to the student lounge discussion forum.

Flexibility as per your schedule

You will be allocated a personal tutor when you register. They are an expert in your subject who will answer any questions you have and will help you in your studies.
You don’t have the time and hassles of getting to or from classes when studying online. Plus if you are not sure of something while studying you can easily go back and repeat it to make sure you fully understand everything. Note that the time taken to study online is shorter than the equivalent time in the classroom. And we take pride in our high-quality and consistent level of teaching.

Why iQualify UK?


High quality courses from a trusted London based educational institution offering UK Government approved accredited qualifications


A supportive teaching environment run by a team of extremely experienced British educational professionals and academics


Great value for money, with flexible payment options and discounts when paying in full


Everything you need is online, and live classes allow you to interact with your tutors and fellow students


No hidden extras, as all costs are included as part of enrolment – and valuable additional content provided for free

Studying through classroom block teaching

We also offer classroom block teaching for some qualifications. Classroom block teaching combines classroom tuition with supporting information provided online. The core teaching is provided in short blocks of three to five days at a convenient location. You then complete your studies (such as an assignment) in your home country with the help of your personal tutor.

Learn more about classroom block teaching method here.