About us

iQualify UK is a UK registered organisation which was founded to provide the best in education through courses and qualifications for those previously excluded on grounds of finance or the need to work rather than study. We therefore offer quality products at an affordable price.

Modern British Education

iQualify UK’s competitive strengths reside in a number of characteristics that are often absent in contemporary institutions:


Best faculty


Personal interaction


Holistic experience


Professional culture


Internationally linked

Bringing together the best faculty

The iQualify UK’s faculty is a team of experts drawn from a range of institutions. We are putting the best together and will expand the faculty network as we develop.

Personal interaction

The availability to students of personal interaction with faculty members via Skype, email or telephone and the ability to view live lectures.

Offering a holistic experience

We offer a holistic experience both in environment and teaching philosophy, so as to take the learning experience well beyond the textbook level. The online environment supports a teaching philosophy that encourages learning through discourse between students and faculty, and among students themselves. For example, the online courses are designed in such a way as to promote student discussion of relevant case studies and contemporary examples.

A professional culture

iQualify UK is managed by academic and business professionals who care about their students and their education.

Our Mission statement

iQualify UK’s mission is to deliver high quality affordable education in international standard qualifications and skills, which provide both excellent content and learning experience, to students all over the world.

Welcome from the Principal

I would like to welcome you to iQualify UK.

We are proud and passionate providers of modern British education and we are excited to join you on your educational journey.

Whatever your aim, be it improving your job prospects with a specific course of study, obtaining a gateway qualification to lead onto university, or continuing professional development, our extensive range of affordable high quality courses and internationally recognised qualifications can help.

You can find out more about our courses of study here and you can try one of our demos for free to see for yourself how we work and how we can help you.

We look forward to finding out more about you and your educational ambitions and helping you achieve your goals.

Ian Fraser
Principal and Director