Case study – House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy

The House of Habib is a long established and very reputable business group in Pakistan. It has a strong presence in various vertical markets such as automobile, building materials, packaging, plastic, wholesale, tractors and financial services. The House of Habib believes in developing its 14,000 employees and so it is logical that it would choose to provide them with a Corporate Learning Academy.

The more successful organisations, such as the House of Habib, understand the benefits of training their employees. Training is crucial if you want your employees to do their jobs correctly, efficiently, productively and legally. Moreover well trained employees provide a better standard of service to customers, are more motivated and loyal as they know that they are valued. Indeed there is established academic research about the direct relationship between satisfied employees leading to satisfied customers which in turn leads to higher profits.

In addition to providing direct technical training for their jobs, the House of Habib understands the further benefits of showing their employees that they are genuinely appreciated and respected by supporting their personal development. This can take different forms, but enlightened organisations, like the House of Habib, encourage their employees to study for academic qualifications. Employees with higher academic qualifications will be more knowledgeable and professional in their work, and are also prime candidates for promotion, so the employer also gains directly.

House of Habib employees can now study a wide range of subjects online. Anyone who wants to improve their performance in their current role or prepare themselves for a future position will benefit.

The advantage of studying online is that you can study when you want to. The courses are taught by iQualify UK through live and recorded lectures, required reading and self-assessment exercises. Everything you need to study successfully is included on the House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy website. All you need is internet access through your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

There are sections in the House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy on effective learning skills to help those new or returning to study, and the Manager’s tool kit contains explanations on key areas of management. Teaching is split into small bite sized units so they are quick and easy to understand and learn.

The majority of the units are from the ABE portfolio of qualifications. These can be studied as standalone units if the subject interests you, or to obtain a recognised UK qualification. You can obtain the ABE Level 3 Certificate in Business Start-up (which is equivalent academically to a UK A Level) or the Diploma in Business Management from Level 4 (the equivalent of the first year of a three year UK Bachelor’s degree) up to Level 6 (the equivalent of a UK bachelor’s degree) or Postgraduate Level 7.

If you achieve an ABE Level 5 or 6 Diploma you can go on to obtain a UK Bachelor’s degree, or if you have the Level 7 Diploma you can go on to obtain a UK MBA by simply completing a dissertation, at several British universities. The ABE Level 6 Diploma in Business Management is also officially accepted by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as the equivalent of a Pakistani university Bachelor’s degree.

The House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy also has the facility to add in-house courses such as induction, health and safety, legal compliance etc., and other subjects such as project management over time, so that it will become a point of reference for every employee. House of Habib will save by having consistent standardised training provided on demand when it is needed, without the cost and hassle of arranging classrooms, travel, accommodation and trainers. The system tracks everyone’s activities so that there is a permanent record of achievement, what stage they are at and whether anyone needs additional support.

It is the modern way to manage your employees’ learning and run a successful motivated organisation. It is to their credit that the House of Habib has chosen to secure its future as a business by investing in its employees in this way.

You can view the House of Habib Corporate Learning Academy here (but obviously you cannot access the content).

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