Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting for Business (in conjunction with Sage)


Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting for Business (in conjunction with Sage)

The Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting for Business is a qualification from the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB). It teaches you the basics of Sage accounting software, the main accounting software used by business, and so will help you obtain a job in accounts or finance.

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You therefore:

  • Gain an accredited qualification
  • Obtain a certificate of competence from Sage
  • Can become a professional bookkeeper
  • Improve your employability prospects
  • Can work in small businesses
  • Will learn how to use Sage accounting software
  • Can use it for your Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and
  • Could progress to a degree in computerised accounting while still working

Who is it for?

This qualification is for anyone who:

  • Wants to find a job in accounts or finance
  • Already works in accounts or finance and wants to undertake continuing professional development
  • Wants to learn how to use Sage accounting software


The IAB Level 1 Award in Computerized Accounting for Business (QCF qualification number 601/5244/8) consists of four units which together total 9 credits:

  • Introduction to bookkeeping (1 credit – QCF code M/600/8737)
  • Working within bookkeeping (2 credits – QCF code T/600/8738)
  • Banking procedures (1 credit – QCF code R/505/1098)
  • Using a computerised accounting application (5 credits – QCF code K/506/8750)

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for the Level 1 Award in Computerised Accounting for Business. However, it is recommended that you will already have basic skills in both numeracy and literacy prior to embarking on a course of study for this qualification.

What is included?

  • One year of unlimited tutorial support
  • Live or recorded lectures
  • Bespoke course materials including printed workbooks from Sage and IAB
  • A 180 day (i.e. six month) Sage 50 Accounts license
  • Mock assessments
  • IAB Assessment fees
  • Six months’ IAB membership (required to take the IAB assessments)
  • 24/7 access to the Teaching Zone
  • Optional NUS card (additional cost) for UK based students – the definitive student discount card with a range of exclusive discounts


The qualification aims to:

  • Act as an introduction to financial record keeping through Sage computerised accounting software.
  • Give you the necessary skills to carry out a range of basic day-to-day computerised accounting routines and activities using Sage software, including the entry of business transactions and other basic bookkeeping tasks.
  • Provide an understanding of the importance of maintaining accuracy, security and data integrity in performing any bookkeeping tasks using accounting software.
  • Give you an understanding of the capabilities of the software and how it can enable better financial management and control of a business.
  • Enable you to progress your learning, by further developing your knowledge, understanding and skills of dealing with financial transactions by (a) gaining a Sage competence certificate at this level, (b) completing the units necessary to be awarded the IAB Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping, and or (c) undertaking further bookkeeping and accounting routines, both manually and using Sage software at Level 2.
  • Provide progression opportunities for you to study for further units at Level 2, which, at that level will enhance your understanding of the professional ethics of bookkeeping and relevant legislation and to gain underpinning knowledge of maintaining a double entry bookkeeping system.
  • Enable you to progress to self-employment or employment by preparing you for various job roles which may include, but not limited to: junior bookkeeper, accounts clerk, finance assistant, data entry clerk, invoicing clerk, sales ledger clerk or accounts trainee.

How do I study and how long does it take?

The qualification is taught online, so you can start at any time as you are not restricted by term times. You will receive your log in and password for the Teaching Zone as soon as we have received payment. All you need is Internet access!

It is designated by IAB as 48 guided learning hours which is the total time you are likely to spend studying including all your time spent on listening to the lectures, reading the online information, reading the workbooks, using the software, undertaking the exercises, discussions with other students and completing the assessment.

The time it takes in practice is up to you, and will vary depending on your commitment and how easy you find it to study. 48 hours is roughly:

Over three months – 30 minutes per day or four hours per week or 16 hours per month
Over one month – one hour 40 minutes per day or eleven hours per week or 48 hours per month

How is it assessed?

The qualification is assessed by three online computerised tests and one skills assignment or work based evidence.