Learning contract

This learning agreement is a ‘partnership’ between you, the student, and iQualify UK to help you understand the roles and responsibilities of each party during the learning process. Please take the time to read this Learning Contract and to confirm your commitment.

I have read iQualify UK’s Terms and Conditions and agree:

  • To abide by the policies and regulations of iQualify UK
  • Be responsible for my own learning
  • Attend and participate in scheduled learning when required
  • Not to tolerate cheating by giving or taking improper academic aid, and not to plagiarise
  • If I witness any infringements of this contract, I will handle the situation with responsibility by either addressing the situation directly, or discussing it with the student support team
  • To consult with the student support team or personal tutor when policies toward academic assistance are unclear
  • To iQualify UK exercising its right in respect of withdrawal and refund

I confirm that I have made myself aware of all the policies and procedures involved in the delivery of the programme, and by registering for study with iQualify UK hereby accept iQualify UK’s policies and regulations.

iQualify UK