Fake Diplomas from fake universities – used by cheats

Fake Diplomas from fake universities – used by cheats

I personally promise you that iQualify UK always has been, and always will be, a legitimate educational organisation providing genuine UK qualifications online.

However, there are unfortunately many crooks and fraudsters who sell fake diplomas online from fictitious universities and colleges. Obviously the people who buy these fake qualifications are cheats, who are lying about their achievements, although a few may simply have been conned. If they are discovered then, as well as risking their career, as no one will subsequently employ them, they could face imprisonment for fraud or worse if they make dangerous mistakes through being unqualified (e.g. doctors or engineers). It amazes me that people do this, as surely the feeling of achievement, pride and satisfaction from the effort of genuinely obtaining a qualification, easily outweighs the constant fear of being found out, with its associated impact on your personal reputation with your friends and family, and the shame of pretending to be something you aren’t?

We have found that as a result some people hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of online study, such as cost and convenience, because of fears about the legitimacy of online operations. This is extremely frustrating and unfair to honest, honourable and authentic online operators such as iQualify UK.

Diploma Mills

There is a problem in that not only are there fake universities offering fake diplomas, otherwise known as Diploma Mills (see Wikipedia – Diploma Mill or Wikipedia – List of unaccredited institutions of higher education) for a non-exhaustive list of unaccredited institutions, but they craftily also use fake accreditation bodies, called accreditation mills to give them a spurious appearance of legitimacy (see Wikipedia – Accreditation mill and Wikipedia – List of unrecognized higher education accreditation organizations) for a, non-exhaustive, list of them. Basically if the university doesn’t require you to undertake a study programme, doesn’t require you to take exams or independently write relevant assignments on the subject, and gives you exemptions based on your prior life experience, as opposed to your prior qualifications, then it probably isn’t legitimate.

How to check

However, there are ways to check and to reassure yourself. The problem is probably more prevalent for, but not exclusive to, US qualifications, but in the UK there are several safeguards as it is a more regulated environment. Thus a genuine British university is listed on the website of the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), see https://www.gov.uk/guidance/recognised-uk-degrees. If the university isn’t on their list then it is not a legitimate UK university, and its degrees are probably worthless.

For qualifications below degrees, the UK Government’s Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) authorises all of England’s Awarding Organisations (commonly called exam boards) to offer regulated Award, Certificate and Diploma level qualifications. All such regulated qualifications are in turn shown on Ofqual’s Register of Regulated Qualifications at http://register.ofqual.gov.uk/ so it is very easy to check if an English qualification is genuine. Note that there are some reputable UK professional bodies which are not recognised by Ofqual as Awarding Organisations, as recognition is not relevant to their operation, but these are invariably in specialist technical areas (e.g. risk management, chartered accountancy, medicine) rather than the general subject areas covered by Ofqual. Their emphasis also will be more on membership than qualifications.

The Awarding Organisations in turn approve organisations, such as iQualify UK, as a centre (which are usually colleges) to deliver their qualifications. All UK Awarding Organisations have quality control procedures and inspection requirements, which all centres must comply with, otherwise they lose their accreditation. Ofqual in turn similarly checks on the Awarding Organisations. Most Awarding Organisations (although some do not) list their recognised centres on their websites, so you can check that the centre is approved.

iQualify UK’s accreditation

You can see the Awarding Organisations who recognise iQualify UK as a centre on the accreditation page on our website and their Ofqual status here:

Association of Business Executives (ABE)
Learning Resource Network (LRN)

Please note that iQualify UK (like most recognised centres) does not offer all the qualifications offered by the Awarding Organisations we are a centre for (and not all qualifications from Awarding Organisations will be active).

Therefore you can rest assured that iQualify UK is committed to only providing genuine legitimate online qualifications.

Ian Fraser
Principal and Director