Teaching zone

All our courses and qualifications are delivered through the iQualify UK Teaching Zone. You will receive a login and password when you have completed the registration for your course or qualification.

The Teaching Zone contains:

  • An induction course which is provided free to every student to show you how to navigate around and use the information provided in the Teaching Zone. There are also regular webinars explaining to you how to use the Teaching Zone.
  • The content of your course or qualification. This will be a series of live or recorded lectures, essential reading and exercises.
  • A section on effective learning skills to help those of you who are new to study, returning to study after a break and those who want to go on to further study.
  • The Manager’s tool kit of key areas of business management.
  • The student lounge where you can discuss topics of interest with other students.
  • The notice board which gives you information about times and dates of lectures, information about registering for exams and other relevant information.
  • Links to all the documents and policies you may need to refer to including items such as the Student Handbook, the Assessment Handbook, Teaching Zone FAQs, Disability Statement, Equal Opportunities Policy and so on.

You can view an introduction to the Teaching Zone on the iQualify UK YouTube Channel.